A scavenger hunt that was done on October 2009. The reward was a fire pin.
Fire pin

The Fire Pin


  • During the scavenger hunt, the whole Club Penguin island is turned to sunset, this is the sky which Sensei mentioned, "The Sky tells us the time has arrived!"
  • Many penguins believed this Ninja Journey will be related to the Tallest Mountain since he was revealed that Tallest Mountain is going to be a new room in the What's New Blog in August.
  • Sensei sometimes make appearances in the Ninja Hideout.
  • This is Sensei's 2nd scavenger hunt this year. The first was the Easter Egg Hunt 2009, when Sensei hid all the easter eggs around the island.
  • Gary has hinted the coloring is caused by smoke, later revealed that a Volcano was causing this.
  • Like all scavenger hunts, you'll lose all items you found if you log out.

This icon appears in the upper right corner of the screen. When clicked, it brings up your list of items. This is also the prize (the Fire Pin) When the list of items is loading, it says "Loading easter_hunt". This may be because Sensei also hid items for Easter 2009.[1]



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